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How to Choose a Tennis Racquet for Your Child

One of the questions I frequently receive from tennis parents is: “What racquet should I buy for my son/daughter?”

Before we dive into the details of choosing a tennis racquet, I would like to mention that there are certain recommended racquet specs according to a child’s age. But that does not mean children and parents should strictly follow those recommendations…

Easy Way to Teach the Volley [Video]

The Volley is my favourite tennis stroke to teach, and that's because I follow a progression that is both educational and fun for my students to learn. 

It all begins by presenting the Volley as a "catch" and imagining that the racquet is an extension of the player's hand. 

Here are the steps that I follow...

Avoid This If You Want to Teach Tennis to Your Child

When I decided to teach my (then) 4, respectively 5 year old two daughters how to play tennis I was both excited and terrified in the same time.

I had already enough experience playing and teaching tennis for almost 30 years but putting all my knowledge on the line to help my two daughters fall in love with the sport was a major job for me...


Cosmin Miholca
Coach @ WebTennis24



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